Please refer to the table below for the registered product use rates:

Vibrance Duo

2.0ml/Kg seeds


Slurry Volume


The Seedcare Institute recommends the following slurry volumes:

Wheat – 12-17ml/Kg seeds - Total Slurry

Example: Treating 1Kg of Wheat seeds with Vibrance Duo  

Add: 2.0ml Vibrance Duo + 13ml Water = 15ml total slurry


Product Mixing Guidelines


  1. Add 2/3 Water volume  

  2. Add Seedcare Product   

  3. Agitate mixture  

  4. Add remain 1/3 of water   

  5. Agitate  


Product Storage And Handling

Recommended storage temperatures: 

  • Above freezing (0˚C) 

  • Below 35˚C 

Higher temperatures result is faster settling and more need for homogenization. 


Shelf Life


  • 2 years in original packaging. Consult packaging info/label. 

This guarantees formulation is not compromised over time and growers can use the product within the expiration date without concerns. 


Seed Treating Best Practices


  • Remove dirt or contaminants from the seeds and surroundings  

  • Use PPE (covered shoes, gloves, long sleeve shirt, dust mask);  

  • Choose a treating location away from food sources, children and pets  

  • Use Seedcare products at label rates:  

    • Vibrance Duo (200ml/100Kg seeds) 

  • Allow enough time for drying before sowing or storing the seeds;  

  • Mix Seedcare products with water (Total slurry 15-20ml/Kg for Wheat);  

  • Choose right treating technology;  

  • Only trained people should treat seeds.