Seed Safety & Biology


بیج کی حفاظت اور حیاتیات

Core Function

Our experts ensure that our Seedcare products are thoroughly tested and have no negative impact on seed quality so Pakistan growers can rely on the best seed protection to boost yields with no worries. All our testing protocols are aligned with major seed testing organizations globally.


بیج کی حفاظت اور حیاتیات

What We Do?


  • Evaluation of new formulations, recipes, and products throughout their lifecycle, according to ISTA protocols  

  • Consultancy: Seed Science and Seed Technology  

  • Customized seed-safety studies  

  • Customer complaint solutions 



صارفین کو کیسے فائدہ ہوتا ہے؟

How Customers Benefit?

Guarantee that our Seedcare solutions are safe for your seeds.